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Our Story

Platr was founded by a group of friends who started researching E-Commerce in 2020. The primary aim of this was to provide knowledge and resources that will aid business owners to thrive in the ever-changing digital world we live in.
We learned about the struggles that entrepreneurs face, and have embarked on a quest to solve those problems in creative ways.

Our Team

Ademola Kabir Adigun

Chief Executive Officer

Erik Naljota

Chief Technology Officer

Rabiu Rabiu

Head of Marketing

Yasmin Sani

Head of Human Relation

Muhammed Thanni Alabelewe

Chief Communication Officer

Our Values

  • TRUST Bringing us your business to manage isn’t a decision to be taken lightly in a world filled with discrepancies. Our every term is transparent and we’re always available to answer your every question.
  • SECURITY It’s of high importance that your every transaction through us is extremely safe, because only then can you thrive. So we created a structure that depicts the confidentiality we offer in our every service.
  • INTEGRITY In a world of financial inclusion, one can only go as far as integrity takes you. When you create trust & security as values, upholding the offer gives you integrity. We respect our agreements with every customer.

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