Platr Influencer Dashboard

Explore Platr’s exclusive Influencer Dashboard, crafted specifically for business influencers. This platform empowers influencers to mentor and assist entrepreneurs in their business endeavors, all while providing them with a lucrative earning potential.

Unique Influencer Support Codes

Platr empowers influencers by offering personalized, exclusive codes that effortlessly connect them with businesses. These distinctive referral codes not only open doors to collaboration but also act as a gateway for influencers to mentor budding entrepreneurs within the business realm.

Dynamic Influencer Affiliation

Platr enables influencers to play a dynamic role in business expansion through the Influencer Dashboard. With authorized access, influencers contribute valuable insights, strategic advice, and personalized assistance to affiliated businesses.

Continuous Earnings

Our platform guarantees influencers a steady stream of earnings through their referrals. By actively connecting with businesses, influencers earn a percentage from the subscriptions of their affiliated accounts.

Partner Dashboard

Embracing the strength of collaboration and mentorship, our platform provides influencers with a distinctive chance to enhance both their impact and income. By steering businesses, influencers actively contribute to their expansion and triumph.

We have the ideal plan for you

Start your influencer journey confidently with our 30-day free trial. Explore the full spectrum of our platform’s features, from referral tracking to empowering businesses and maximizing your earnings. This trial period lets influencers delve deep into the platform for a seamless and rewarding experience. Join us now and unlock unparalleled benefits that await you.



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