Platr business provides you with an option of conveniently ordering, storing, cataloguing the items in your merchant store. You get updates on items left in store, which items are out for delivery, items that are low in stock with a quick notification on any of your devices, to restock as soon as possible.

The entire inventory is done for you with Platr, with no margin for error.



Create an identity for your brand. Platr provides you with tools that helps you build a unique web-shop that gives an identity, professionalism, visibility and a seamless service environment to your brand. Easy to navigate, zero expense on domain/developer cost. Choose the name and set it up.


With this embedded Platr scheduler feature, you can pick a day of the week to schedule your marketing post on your social media pages for an entire year and you won’t have to worry about consistency on your busy days.


Platr business documents and keeps track on your every order from point of purchase to delivery point. The order board stores the data and can be referenced for date, time, quantity, delivery status etc.

With the Order Management feature, you can articulate your orders, attend to numerous customers simultaneously without getting pressured or mixing up orders.


Platr business records all sales and creates an automatic financial projection, sales analysis and projections. Number of sale, total cost, profit, difference in data from the previous week/month, etc.

All the heavy math that might take hours to calculate with margin for error would be done in minutes.