Platrtalk with Shariff Ishaq Abba

In today’s feature, we have the pleasure of interviewing Shariff Ishaq Abba CEO of SIA Attires, who has achieved remarkable success with his clothing brand. With a wealth of experience and insights to share, he provides a fascinating glimpse into his world. How would you introduce yourself?I’m Sharif Ishaq Abba. I’m an entrepreneur. I own SIA […]

Platrtalk with Adewale Badmus

How would you describe yourself? Adewale: I am Adewale Badmus, CEO of Sketch by Wale Tell us about what you do exactly and how your business started.Adewale: I own a clothing brand sketch by wale, which is a street wear brand just like Louis Vuitton, I’m not at that LV level yet but you get […]